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Learn How To Skyrocket

Your Social Media

In this event we are going to show you how to skyrocket your social media, and to elevate your brand, presence and your positioning to a whole new level.

Our Trainers & Their Specialities


Deimante Lideikyte

Social Media & Creative Training

Deimante Lideikyte has a masters degree in Digital Media And Society, and has qualifications in Social Media Marketing. During her career, she has worked across major social media channels for several companies and is experienced in copywriting alongside design. She has a strong passion for all things social media, from designing creative content, writing blogs, to reviewing reports and analysing her media efforts. She truly believes that social media provides the perfect marketing opportunity for any business, big or small. Deimante takes pride in helping businesses grow and taking advantage of the opportunities social media provides.

Deimante was recruited by Bradley Chapman, Managing Director of Alfie Best Business Group and impressed Bradley with her energy, style, attitude and capable nature. Bradley recruited Deimante in a creative media position, but very quickly moved her into Creative Media Management. We’ve now grown a team of four people, within her team for Alfie Best Business Group

Kim Wright

Books & Publishing Training

Kim Wright is an award winning author and director at Alfie Best Business. Kim has had a varied career in various sectors such as training, running events both in-person and online, and has set up and run a number of businesses in the past. Kim has helped a vast number of authors bring their books to print under non-disclosure agreements. 

Through Alfie Best Business, Kim will help entrepreneurs and businesspeople create books to grow their visibility and credibility, helping them to stand out as experts in their field. 

Kim published Alfie Best’s first book “Can Anyone Build A Property Empire? YES!”

Bradley met Kim in 2017 at various networking events and they became friends. Bradley knew that Kim has written a couple of books, so he invited her to join this business venture. 

In addition to this, Kim is an experienced trainer and will be offering a program for writing books & publishing.

Alfie Best

Entrepreneur Training

Alfie Best is The Founder and Chairman of Wyldecrest Parks, Europe’s Largest Park Home Operator. He is One of The UK’s Most Energetic, Driven and Successful Businessman and Recently Appeared in ITV’s Undercover Big Boss – Alfie’s Next Success Goal Is to Become The World First Ever Romany Gypsy to Become a Billionaire. Alfie Has Business Interests In The UK, Barbados and The USA.

Alfie Best is one of the most successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs in the UK. Alfie Best owns Wyldecrest Parks, the largest park operator in the UK with over 90 parks.

Alfie also owns various other companies, including mining companies, football clubs, golf courses, overseas investment companies, park home estates, holiday parks and Barbados property developments.

With business interests in the UK, USA and Barbados, Alfie has always had his sights set for international businesses and intends to grow across the globe.

Bradley Chapman

Entrepreneur Training

Bradley Chapman has worked with, trained and interviewed world leading experts, entrepreneurs and multi-millionaires across multiple sectors. From working with the Spice Girls and George Michael, to supplying CocaCola and Wembley Stadium, through to interviewing and meeting people like Alfie Best, Caprice Bourret and David Gold. His experience in business and entrepreneurship spans across 30 years. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and business growth specialist and has an incredible ability to communicate, and connect with people on a down-to-earth and humbling level. His passion is training, educating, growing and developing business owners, entrepreneurs and business teams to achieve greatness.

Bradley is a coach, mentor and business strategist that delivers high levels of value for his clients. Much of his work is carried out under non disclosure agreements.

Bradley is an Award Winning World Class Business Coach

John Honeywell

Website Development Training

John Honeywell caught the attention of Alfie Best Business Group Managing Director Bradley Chapman. Bradley headhunted and interviewed John directly after receiving a recommendation that he would be a suitable candidate to push Web Creation and Development side of our group forward. 

John’s character, attitude, personality and devotion to his work is impressive. He has been instrumental in working with Bradley to develop all of the Alfie Best Business Group Websites. 

Bradley has set John with a substantial target, to not just complete and work on the website growth of our group, but also to create a website service offering for our clients, members, and business colleagues across the United Kingdom. 

He has skills in creative design, web development, SEO, keyword optimization both on page & off page. He indeed, is becoming a multimedia web ninja.

Be Taught By Europe's LARGEST Park Operator Alfie Best

Alfie Best was recently featured on the first episode of Undercover Big Boss as "William Finney"

Full Event Details

Who Should Attend

Anybody of any background is suited to this course, due to Social Media’s universal use. Anybody who is looking to build their business and skyrocket into the atmosphere is suited for this course.

Any business owner or entrepreneur can benefit from this course. From experienced business-people to those who are new, anybody can benefit from this extensive course.

Event Content

During this course we will show you how to skyrocket your social media. Included in this course:

  • How to effectively use posts across all of your social media to maximize your engagement
  • How to use livestreaming to secure a wider audience
  • How to create YouTube videos and rank them number 1 on google and YouTube without any views, likes or comments
  • How to use animated videos to increase the awareness of your public and get the maximum rocket booster engagement
  • How to take a product or a service to lead your customers back to a landing page / product page in order for them to buy from you

No Course Like It

In this course we will be showing you how to optimize blogs and posts to get you ranked on the key search terms that you deserve. This is the first time we are putting this course on. The price of this course will be £297 ONLY. This price will never be repeated again. This course is limited to 12 people maximum. Secure your space now.

Duration: 9 hours


Location: Alfie Best Business Group, Trafalgar House, 712 London Road, Grays, Essex, RM20 3JT

Snacks and drinks provided, Buffet Lunch included.

Bradley Chapman Bio - The Alfie Best Business Group

Become A Master

Bradley Chapman is the master of Social Media. He used Social Media to leverage his way into a business partnership with Alfie Best, Sunday Times Richlist, with UK businesses worth over £700 million. We’re going to show you how you can leverage up your business, and who knows, you may end up in a joint partnership under the Alfie Best Group of companies. This opportunity is INCREDIBLE. To get in front of a giant like Alfie Best is an incredible opportunity for you to meet the man behind the billion dollar fortune that he has created from scratch. 

This course is for entrepreneurs, business owners, and people who want to leverage their social media who understand the importance that being a skyrocketing social media expert has on your business. This will allow you to stay ahead of the competition to secure new business, and to reach an audience on a brand new level. This is an action packed day, you will be joining us from 9am through to 6pm, and this will be 9 hours of absolute pure driven content and social media knowledge and creation. 

We are going to show you how you can skyrocket your business through social media. Limited tickets available, secure your space now. If you attend our course, and you do not feel that you are ready to carry it forward, we will help you launch your social media. Join the course to find out more, and to put yourself and your business into the atmosphere with “Skyrocket Your Social Media”.

Skyrocket Your Social Media

£ 297 + VAT ONLY
  • Duration: 9 Hours
  • Snacks and drinks provided, Buffet Lunch included.