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Joint Venture With Alfie Best &
Bradley Chapman

Incredible Opportunity

An incredible opportunity is now available to you to work in partnership with Alfie Best and Bradley Chapman as a joint venture partnership. We currently have a number of brands and websites where we are working in joint venture partnerships. Joint venture partnerships can happen in two ways:

Option One

  • The first is a joint venture where you have a product/service/idea and you are bringing that product to Alfie and Bradley, where they will consider coming on board as partners to your business on a shared profit split basis. We will then look to bring that business into our brand of companies and work with you to grow your business, brand or start-up opportunity. To find out more to join us as a joint venture where you have an existing business, please fill in the following form or email directly to or
In a bold move to help businesses grow in 2021

Option Two

  • The second is a joint venture where we have an opportunity/website or existing company that we have built or has been brought to us, and you would like to join as an investor to receive a return on your investment. A similar process applies, you as an investor would provide the funding for a website/business or brand that we would launch together as a partnership, but you would act on a hands-off basis. We would manage the business and you would have an equal profit share split, between Alfie Best, Bradley Chapman and yourself.


This opportunity is not born out of something that is new to us. Alfie Best and Bradley Chapman have both invested into companies over a 30 year period. Alfie Best as many of you know, has achieved incredible success with a business valuation way over 700 million pounds, or 1 billion dollars and growing. He has experienced a 3000% growth record within his business, and is a specialist in business acquisition, property and land development, park home and holiday parks, as well as buying failed businesses, or businesses that are struggling with their financial circumstances. All opportunities are considered for you to join Alfie and Bradley on a joint venture. You may already know a business that is in financial trouble or you may wish to address an email to Bradley and Alfie directly in confidence so we can understand your business, the challenges you’re facing, and perhaps support and assist you with the next step forward to either save and salvage the business, or for the business to be placed into administrations and other commercially viable areas for us to discuss. If that is your situation, please email Alfie and Bradley directly at and

Gala Awards 2021 (Alfie Best & Bradley Chapman)- Alfie Best Business

Current Opportunities

Please find below the current joint venture opportunites that we have available under the Alfie Best Business Group Brands, Products and Websites. A joint venture works on the basis where in the first stage, we have a current opportunity that can be taken forward by a partner that has a specific skill and interest in that particular area. Please discover the opportunities below, and contact for more information.

Gypsy Billionaire

Gypsy Billionaire is a clothing and accessories brand that we have created to coincide with Alfie Best achieving £1 billion valuation. Alfie Best has already achieved a $1 billion valuation. We believe that the trendy, street, smart, sporty and high-end fashion brand is going to be synonymous with success. We already know that the following for the Gypsy Billionaire brand is quite large, after we posted our first Facebook post on the Gypsy Billionaire Facebook page and it received over 46,000 organic views.

  • Brand: Gypsy Billionaire
  • Product Area: Fashion, Clothing & Accessories (But not limited to)
  • Investment Required: Minimum £25,000 for stock of clothing and company setup
  • Partnership Split: 51% Alfie Best & Bradley Chapman, 49% Incoming Investor
  • Position: Co-Director / Co-Founder

Town Connector

Town Connector is a local village magazine and online website that is franchisable county-by-county nationwide. After the huge success of local village magazines, we created and designed a brand called Town Connector. The concept is that we would start in one town first of all, and we would print a number of the magazines which would be hand delivered to residential homes and businesses in the area. This would be supported by a website which would have an online directory of local businesses. Businesses would then have the opportunity to have online and face-to-face interviews to build their social media presence. 

  • Brand: Town Connector
  • Product Area: Nationwide / Local Business Village Magazine & Directory
  • Investment Required: £15,000 
  • Partnership Split: 51% Alfie Best & Bradley Chapman, 49% Incoming Investor
  • Position: Co-Director / Co-Founder

Present To Us YOUR Opportunity

This is where you have an opportunity for a business partnership, and you would like Bradley and Alfie to either join your board or to become instrumental in the launch and support. We have full services at our Grays, Essex offices where we can support the commercial build of a website and business and have full support for Social Media, Website Development, Business Consulting, Marketing and mainstream media and press. Contact Bradley at for more information