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Network. Invest. Build. Grow.

Taking You On A Journey Of Growth,
Connectivity And Asset Wealth Creation

Network. Invest. Build. Grow.

Your Unique and Exclusive Invitation to Join Sunday Times Rich Listee and One of The UK’s Most Prolific and Energetic Businessmen, Mr Alfie Best alongside Bradley Chapman, a Leading Business Growth Strategist.

Alfie Best Business The Entreperneurs Network

Growth - How We Can Help

We have created a consortium that anyone can be a part of this incredible growth. Why? Because we don’t want to leave anyone behind that has persistence, dedication and motivation to succeed no matter where you are based in the world.

Consortium STEPS

Be Chosen

Each member of the Business Network will be considered for the Consortium by Alfie Best and may be invited to join in this business venture.


If you decide to join, starting from £1000 you can invest into the Consortium allowing you to join us in investing into business and property.

Investment Consortium

Featured in the Sunday times rich list, Alfie Best is notably one of the most successful businessmen in the UK, with business in the UK, USA, and Barbados.

His success and the growth curve of his success has been incredible, we invite you to be a part of our incredible business network and consortium.

Alfie Best- Alfie Best Business

How Will The Consortium Work?

Starting from just £1000 investment, you can own a share of our business and property investment consortium. We invest into a separate limited company, where all of the assets contained within our investment fund are held within that limited company. 

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