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We recently attended another tradeshow! Yes this certainly does feel like Deja-Vu for the group…but it’s not. Alfie Best Business attended The Business Show.  Our first trade show for Alfie Best Business.  And it was an experience like no other. Throughout the two days we tried our best to share photos and videos on our socials (follow us so you don’t miss out).  But don’t threat if you did miss out, here’s a little behind the scenes for your leisurely reading. 

If you have been to a trade show as an exhibitor, you will know the 2 (technically 3) days were full of experiences and challenges. 

The Beginning of the business show…

Let’s go back to Tuesday afternoon, back at HQ in Grays. We started the day with final preparations before leaving to travel to London Excel. So our first task of the afternoon was to pack up all our equipment and get it in the back of the minibus. After some reshuffling and dismantling we finally had all the equipment loaded. Then it was time for some of our team to head to Excel with Brad (our Director) to get our stand set up. 

After a short journey to London Excel and locating the loading bay, it was time for the set up to commence. With all the loading doors open at the venue it was safe to say it was freezing. But we had plenty to do so after a quick minute we were sweating. After many trips to and from the minibus we finally had all the equipment in one place. It was just time to organise it! After assembling furniture, setting up TV’s, raising roller banners and dealing with all the tech stuff. 

A few hours later all the staff were home safe and sound, getting some sleep. We had some busy days coming up so we needed all the sleep in the world to be prepared for the tradeshow madness. Get Ready, Set, Go!

Day 1…

Some staff took the train to the venue but the majority of us met at HQ and jumped in the minibus with Brad. After a quick journey to Excel and going through the intensive exhibitors list, we are ready! First on the checklist was getting our covid bands and heading to the loading bay to drop off the final pieces of tech. 

Next up, was to add the final touches to the stand and have a staff pep talk before the opening of the business show. With the stand, team and visitors ready there was nothing left but to start the day. Let’s go team! 

The day went by in a flash. The team was meeting visitors, new members and connecting with other businesses. In the afternoon our chairman , Mr Alfie Best attended the show as a keynote speaker and what an amazing speech he gave (promise we are not biased). Then it was back to the stand for Alfie to sign books and take photos. And what a mad rush it was. From long-time fans of Alfie to brand new inspired entrepreneurs, they were all eager to have a bit of Alfie’s time. 

The day was successful with lots of networking and great social media buzz. Before we could say Alfie Best Business, the day was over, and we were finally able to rest our tired (very tired) feet. 

The events following the event…

Before we all crawled into our beds and caught some Z’s, we were invited to the exhibitors party (which we couldn’t say no too).  And what fun that was! The team was able to relax and have a drink after an awfully (in the good way) long day.  The pub was packed full with exhibitors. But do not worry, the Alfie Best Business team had it covered. We had managed to secure a table while others were off in the queue to get drinks and well Brad was being Brad. Brad was continuously networking alongside live streaming while in the exhibitors party, he says “there’s always an opportunity to grow”. 

It was finally time to locate the minibus and make our way back to HQ.  Although I’m not sure we could call it a minibus at this point, Brad had turned it into a party bus. It was the perfect ending to a great day. Unfortunately, not all of us had luck on our side. Due to some confusion and lack of rest and/or sleep, our managing director actually managed to break their phone by shutting it in the minibus door. Yes, that’s all of our connections, contacts and leads shattered into small pieces. At this point, we just had to dance the stress away and stay hopeful. Shortly after this all staff were home safe and sound for some much deserved sleep to prepare to do it all over again the next day. 

Day 2… the finale… 

So we started the day the same with some staff on trains but the majority of us opted for the minibus (or party bus). Then it was time to get our covid passes again and head into the venue in order to prepare for another busy day.  10am came soon enough and it was time to get to work. 

We conducted a huge amount of business again, with selling books and getting people interested in our £10 online training academy. Some of the staff even went and attended some of the speakers’ sessions such as Montana Brown from Swim Society and even Touker Suleyman, a dragon from dragons den. 

And quick enough the day was coming to an end and it was time to start the mission of getting all the equipment back into the minibus. After the long queue to get the minibus into the loading bay it was time to begin packing down. At this rate if there was ever a real life tetris competition I think we would be favourites to win. 

Finally equipment and staff loaded, it was time to journey back to HQ where we came to heads with our final  mission to get all the equipment back into the office. So after multiple times up and down the stairs all the equipment was back in the office safe and secure, now it was time for staff to get home safe and sound. 

After 2 ( technically 3) busy days it was time to get some sleep before the storm of work we would have following the show. We had an amazing time at the show as a business but also as a team.   

Who knows, maybe we will see you guys there next year!

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