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Alfie Best

Alfie Best is The Founder and Chairman of Wyldecrest Parks, Europe’s Largest Park Home Operator. He is One of The UK’s Most Energetic, Driven and Successful Businessman and Recently Appeared in ITV’s Undercover Big Boss – Alfie’s Next Success Goal Is to Become The World First Ever Romany Gypsy to Become a Billionaire. Alfie Has Business Interests In The UK, Barbados and The USA.

Successful Businessman


Alfie Best is one of the most successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs in the UK. Alfie Best owns Wyldecrest Parks, the largest park operator in the UK with over 90 parks.

Alfie also owns various other companies, including mining companies, football clubs, golf courses, overseas investment companies, park home estates, holiday parks and Barbados property developments.

Business Interests

With business interests in the UK, USA and Barbados, Alfie has always had his sights set for international businesses and intends to grow across the globe.

Alfie also runs a charity organization under the Wyldecrest mantle which was born from the desire to do more for the communities living within mobile home parks across the UK, specially designed for the retired and semi-retired, belonging to Wyldecrest Parks’ portfolio.

Sunday Times Rich List

Alfie Best is a Sunday Times Rich Listee, and was featured on the first episode of the reboot of ITV’s Undercover Big Boss. 

From being born to a poor Romani Gypsy Family, Alfie has risen to vast heights and has grown his business venture to achieve success. 

Alfie says often that if somebody is willing to work an hour, he is willing to work three. 


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Companies & Organizations

Alfie Best owns and works with various businesses. 

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