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The Story

How It Started

The Beginning

In Bradley’s Book, he shares how he became the Managing Director of the Alfie Best Business Group. He shares how he came to meet Alfie Best, and how Alfie Best took him in and held his hand, to enable him to grow, change, adjust and have an opportunity that many others would wish for. Now you can too. 

The group started off in 2019 with Bradley fitting fire extinguishers in some of Alfie’s parks for Alfie to see whether or not Bradley had the gumption to work hard. He soon progressed to working in partnership with Alfie on a company called Alfie Best Property Growth. Bradley is no stranger to adversity and after three successful events in January, February and March 2020, Covid hit the world and all of the 20 events that were planned for the remainder of 2020 were crushed. Without taking a breath, Bradley got back up and found a way to keep moving forward, developing, studying and learning under the mentorship of Alfie Best. This is where he learned more about Wyldecrest Parks, and the park home and holiday park industry. Alfie allowed him to tag along on helicopter business trips with him, traveling across the company, being involved in large scale investment meetings and allowing Bradley to watch Alfie make major acquisitions.

Bradley’s knowledge and his skills from his existing businesses and background came to the front. He designed, developed and shaped the format of the business, and Alfie sculpted, moulded and mentored him through. After the pain of being shut down for nearly nine months and losing the momentum and energy the company had, Bradley decided to create an association, and so the Park Home & Holiday Park Association was born. It wasn’t long after, that Bradley appeared on ITV’s Undercover Big Boss under Alfie Best’s instruction as a mystery shopper for the Park Home & Holiday Park Association. The Park Home & Holiday Park Association is now moving from strength to strength and gathering momentum.


The Future

Bradley instigated and commissioned a full length feature film documentary about Alfie Best’s life in August 2021. Bradley commissioned a partnership with Terry Stone and Alfie Best for Film Location Property in May 2021. Other brands are now moving forward including Gypsy Billionaire, which is a fashion brand and an opportunity for you to grow. This really is an incredible story of how one man with passion and a dream knocked on the doors of a giant, Mr Alfie Best, Sunday Times Rich List. After pursuing and knocking many times for Alfie to go into business with him, Mr Best finally agreed, and so the journey began. It happened to Bradley because of his persistence, it could also happen to you. We are now looking for you to work with us, and you can find out more about our Joint Venture Partnerships on our Joint Venture page. 

Alfie Best Business Background

I approached Alfie Best in 2019, at the time, I was helping to manage and support an event with a world renowned speaker called Mr Les Brown. I had never heard of Alfie Best at the time and didn’t know what he did. I heard him speak and he was one of the best and most engaging speakers I had ever heard. He spoke with a soft tone and an unassuming tonality and everybody was listening to him. He spoke about his journey from being born a gypsy on the side of the road, to being worth £340 million and owning 67 UK residential parks at the time of his speech. I approached Alfie Best to start a business and I was turned away a few times. As you can imagine, people approach Alfie Best every single day to go into business with him. Over the last 2 years I have learned from and studied with him and his business operations and now I am excited about the next steps of growth for the future.


A network created for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs helping you to network, connect and grow your business and personal asset wealth. This is the business networking and training arm for Alfie Best, Sunday Times Rich List, Global Entrepreneur and highly successful UK businessman. Alfie Best Business Directors are Bradley Chapman, Kim Wright and of course, Alfie Best himself. 

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We are the entrepreneurial arm and business development group of companies that works in partnership with Alfie Best, one of the UK’s most successful businessmen. We are always looking for new opportunities to expand our brand, collaborations and joint ventures. We are often looking to form partnerships with the right individuals that possess the right SKILL, KNOWLEDGE and ATTITUDE. We welcome your presentations and applications. Please email Bradley Chapman on

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